Thursday, July 21, 2011

DIY project to display your children's art

Sorry this took me soooooooo long to put up!!! I was having major technical difficulties in my defense :)

Here is a simple DIY project you can do in less than an hour. If your refrigerator is getting too full your little ones beautiful art this would be a great thing to make.

First get a board from a craft store. Make sure it is pretty thin. Any length should do. The more art your little one does the longer you want the board.

We spray painted ours white but plain would be fine too. You could also paint in many different colors if you would like.

Next, use a stencil and write out what you want it to say.
Next, paint in the stenciled letters.
Next, screw in some clamp clips and decorate as you like. We just purchased some little wooden flowers and bugs and a sun that were pre-painted in the wood craft area at hobby lobby for only .49 cents each. Lastly, attach a piece of ribbon or rope to the back either with nails or I used a staple gun.
I hope you like this simple diy project. Have fun with it!



  1. Cute! You can get lots of ideas at for displaying children's art, too

  2. Really love this idea! I actually bought one similar but I need one for each child, cant wait to make! ~thanks

    Sarah beth