Monday, July 18, 2011

Having trouble getting your child to read?

So I don't know about others out there but my daughter does not like to read. It is a daily struggle. We check out all sorts of new books from the library, purchase fun, new reader books and still a battle rises. Part of it is to be blamed on me because she takes after my lack of patience but it is still so frustrating. One way I discovered to get her reading without her really paying attention to the fact that she is READING is by playing games. We have a trivia gave called "Beat the Parents" and it is a lot of fun. She has to pick up a card and try and stump us with her question. She doesn't even realize she is "reading" because she is so into the game and it is fun! She was reading phrases like "amusement park" and "what instrument does Taylor Swift play?" I think that is pretty good for a Kinder. (Going into first) If you are having a hard time getting your little reader to sit with a book try pulling out some games instead. There are so many great games out there! Open up your game cabinet and try some out. You would be surprised what your little readers can read.

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