Sunday, July 10, 2011

Garage Sales

I know who ever is reading this is about to be jealous of what I am going to say but, I had a garage sale this weekend. I know, I know, we all love standing out in the hot sun while juggling the kiddos who are doing their lemonade stand, while strangers are arm wrestling you down from $10 to $2 and then knowing at the end of the day, you have to lug your left overs to goodwill. (I hope you picked up on my sarcasm) :) We have all been there done that I'm sure. Wishing we were out shopping the garage sales rather than having one. Well, having my garage sale this weekend made me think of all the wonderful books I have found for school this year from hitting up my local garage sales. Granted it is hit or miss but, if you are out garage saling, look for books. Lots and lots of books. I found one garage sale that was at a teacher's house. Lucky me scored on tons of educational books. I love a good deal! Happy hunting :)


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  1. We had a garage sale this year. Our first ever since we've had kids. I generally go every weekend and LOVE all the good finds. :) Our books are mainly supplied by garage sales. I love checking books off my list. They're also great for clothes and manipulatives (for math and tot trays). I blog about my finds every week. Feel free to check them out.

    Welcome to homeschooling. They adventure is so fun, and definitely worth it! Have a great year! :)